Needle Felted Fairy Nursery Mobile, Baby mobile, felt mobile, hanging mobile


Needle Felted Fairy Mobile.
Hoop diameter- 10 inches
Mobile length from top to bottom-35 inches
Length from hoop to bottom of figures-20 inches
Fairy average size-6 inches
Fairy-wire armature- able to pose

Sweet little fairies dance stirring magic into the air. These one of a kind fairies are needle felted from Vermont sourced wool and hang on a wooden hoop that is wrapped with 100 percent cotton yarn. The fairies and the hoop is strung with clear fishing line. At the top of the mobile is metal circle so it can be hung from a hook.

"Needle felting is a popular fiber arts craft conducted without the use of water. Special barbed felting needles that are used in industrial felting machines are used by the artist as a sculpting tool. Using a single needle or a small group of needles (2-5) in a hand held tool, these needles are used to sculpt the wool fiber. The barbs catch the scales on the fiber and push them through the layers of wool tangling them and binding them together much like the wet felting process. Fine details can be achieved using this technique and it is popular for 3D felted work. " Definition sourced from

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