Artist Statement

Sheep’s wool is what most people would consider an unlikely medium to express a feeling or perception but that is what felting and wool sculpting is for me. It gives me the power to express my worldview through a natural substance. My journey combines both a new way of manipulating wool, through needle felting or sculpting wool and an ancient tradition, wet felting. It combines Art and Craft.

Through felting the transformation is magical, whimsical and powerful. The fleece becomes what I see or want to see in the world while staying firmly rooted in the natural world.

All that is important to me is an inspiration. My daughter’s strong belief in magic and magical beings, the noticing of titmouse’s visit to the bird feeder, the curvy softness of my body growing older…these all come out of the wool.

Whether it be a piece of functional art such as hand felted slippers decorated with my impression of snowdrops to a Red bellied Woodpecker to a soft woman’s body emerging from a sheepskin it brings me an indescribable feeling of anticipation, excitement, joy and power.

My creations are made from eco friendly locally sourced wool roving to support farming and agriculture in the state of Vermont.

Thank you for visiting my website!


Susi Ryan