About Needle Felting and Wet Felting

Needle Felting is a unique art. It is not an old technique, it started in the 1980s when some artists found that by using a machine felting needle they could shape wool by stabbing it . It takes many stabs, hours and bleeding fingers to sculpt wool but the results as you can see are terrific. There is something magical about wool felt creatures and paintings. It emanates warmth, strength and evokes a time when play was innocent.

On the other hand Wet Felting is an ancient craft. By using layered wool roving, hot soapy water and agitation in the form of rolling, throwing and beating into submission wool can be formed in cloth hats, slippers and scarves among other things.

I hope you enjoy my little beings and my functional art as much as I love making them. Please check out my Facebook page for works in progress.