He is really a teenage owlet but he demands to be considered an adult. This snowy owl will delightfully watch over you with an unblinking eye.

He is 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide.

He has wool eyes and polymer beak and talons. He is needle felted from locally sourced wool.

Needle felting is an art form that uses special barbed needles to interlock unspun wool to create sculptures and/or wool paintings. Felting needles are used to compress and entangle the fibers. As the felting needle is moved up and down, the barbs on the needles catch the scales of the wool and entangle them into place. The result is a solid yet soft sculpture. It takes many jabs with a single felting needle over a long period of time to create my sculptures. All my sculptures are one of a kind.

Snowy Owl

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