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Jasper and his brothers are quite mischievous! Cheeky fellow! They are always telling stories to each other.
Jasper is needle felted from Vermont sourced wool that I have dyed and carded.
Jasper himself has been sold but you will receive one of his brothers who will look very similar.
You have a choice of a green, blue or brown jacket. Please specify.

Waldorf Inspired Bendy Doll, Red Cap Gnome, Nisse, Elf, Fairytale figure

SKU: 0002
  • Jasper is 8 inches tall but size may vary with his brothers, some can be 10 inches, others 6 inches

    Wire armature: poseable

    Kid friendly? For kids who are past the age of putting things in their mouths. He has fibers that can become loose if sucked on or pulled on.

    "Needle felting is a popular fiber arts craft conducted without the use of water. Special barbed felting needles that are used in industrial felting machines are used by the artist as a sculpting tool. Using a single needle or a small group of needles (2-5) in a hand held tool, these needles are used to sculpt the wool fiber. The barbs catch the scales on the fiber and push them through the layers of wool tangling them and binding them together much like the wet felting process. Fine details can be achieved using this technique and it is popular for 3D felted work. " Definition sourced from

  • Shipping from United States

    I ship through the US Mail and will provide a tracking number. Please note that shipping costs include handling as well. Box, packing, drive to Post office, labels etc are included in the shipping cost. The shipping is priority mail, sometimes flat rate (due to the size). If you feel the cost is prohibitive please contact me and we can negotiate for a different postal method (parcel post etc). International orders will be sent by First Class parcel post.

    The postal service is it's own entity and I do not have control over weather, road conditions or postal people so therefore I can't guarantee that an item will be there at a particular date unless you are willing to pay for priority express. Please contact me if you are willing to upgrade the shipping so I can adjust the price.


    Due to the delicate nature of felt I would be happy to repair an item if it becomes damaged in transit or within the first 30 days. You must pay the return shipping. If some reason you are unhappy with your purchase please contact me and I would be happy to refund your purchase as long as you return the piece through certified mail undamaged within 7 days of receipt. The refund will be issued as soon as I receive the piece. I do not refund shipping costs.

    I do not refund for felting kits after 2 weeks from shipping date.
    Custom orders must be paid up front and will not be refunded and can't be returned. Much time and detail go into custom orders and it can be hard to resell an item that has been made to someone's specifics.

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